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Gary Helm
Information Technology Specialist
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Cumming, GA 30040
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Voted 2024 Best of Forsyth IT and Network Support

Voted Best of Forsyth County

Computer Repair

Voted 'Best of Forsyth' Seven Years in a Row 2018-2024
  • Problem Solving
  • Microsoft Windows Repair, Reinstall & Upgrade
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Software Installation
  • Slow Computers Tuneup / Optimization
  • Printer Connections
  • Email Setup & Troubleshooting
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IT & Network Services

Voted 'Best of Forsyth' Seven Years in a Row 2018-2024
  • Internet Help
  • Install / Repair WiFi
  • Connect Cat-5e/6 LAN
  • Internet Security
  • Router Configuration
  • Email Server Support
  • Web Design and Development
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Data Support

Data Services

More than getting files back..

  • Old to New Computer Migration
  • Information Systems Security
  • Backup Systems
  • File Transfer
  • "Lost Files" Recover
  • Data Recovery
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Voted Best in Forsyth County

Remote Support

Safe, Secure, No need to leave home or work.
"If it doesn't require a screwdriver it can probably be done remote."
  • Software Installation
  • Virus Removal
  • Computer Clean up
  • Router Configurations
  • Printer Connections
  • Email Setup/Repair
  • File Recovery

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Internet Help

We depend on the Internet. When there is a problem with the Internet, that is a problems.

From modems to computers, phones, tablets, televisons, printers and any number of appliances are connected to the Internet.

You may be able to diagnose of fix the problem youself.

At other times you need help. Sometimes you can be on the phone for hours and you still the problem isn't fixed.

I will not say I can diagnose and solve every problem, but with over twenty years of experience solving Internet connection issues, I can solve most problems.

When you have an Internet problem to solve, let me know.
I will be glad to get you up and running.

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Remote Support


What can be done online?

"If you can turn on your computer, get on the Internet and the work does not require a screwdriver, almost any work on a computer can be done online."

I have worked on computers remotely since the early ages of dial-up. Remote access is second nature to me, and it is also amazing to know what can be done.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Software Installation
  • Email Setup
  • Lost File Recovery
  • Slow Computer Clean up
  • Virus Removal
  • Printer Installation
  • WiFi Router Configurations
  • Migrate programs, files and settings from an old computer to a new computer
  • and the list goes on
Safe, Secure, Convenient
Yes, online support over the Internet may be just the thing you need.

Windows Hints

Keep your Windows PC Running Smooth

We invest a lot of expense in our computers and the software. We do not like them running slow. And we do not like taking them to someone to fix.

Computers are not maintenance free.
And there are some things you can do to avoid taking your computer to someone to fix.

Here is a list of eleven things you may be able to do to help your computer run more smoothly.

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Give that Old Computer a New Life

You have an old computer, and there is nothing wrong with it except... Microsoft Windows will not update, or websites will not let you do what you need to do.

Here are some options to breath new life into that old computer. Both options are current software without all the Microsoft requirement.

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AI verses Passwords

Linux Computers

What is a Linux computer?
I work on Microsoft computers, but I primarily use Linux computers.
Similar to Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac, Linux is an operating system.
I began switching over to Linux several years ago and cannot remember any of my Linux computers crashing.
I get regular notifications about security updates and have a choice of when I want to install the updates.
Not only do I get all the basic office and creative software I need, it is all free.
Sound too good to be true, and want to learn more about Linux computers?

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Gary Helm

FBI 2023 Report on Cybercrime

The FBI has released its annual cybercrime report for 2023.

As astounding as these numbers are, the estimate is only 20% of cybercrimes are reported.

Ransomware attacks were up 18% and costs were up 74% to $59.6 million.

Over age of 55 were most likely to fall victim to Tech Support and government impersonation scams.

Ages 30 to 49 were more likely to fall victim to investment fraud schemes in the amount of $4.57 Billion.

Cryptocurrency continues to be the preferred method ransomware actors want to be paid.

To report cybercrimes visit

Best Practices

Gary Helm

Time for Spring Cleaning Your Computer

  • Remove Viruses and Malware
  • Clean Temporary Files
  • Clean the Registry
  • Adjust page filling as needed
  • De-fragment hard drive, if needed
  • Install Windows updates
  • Install driver updates
  • Install manufacturer updates
  • Check logs for critical system errors
  • Provide advice for additional problems over and above normal clean-up service

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