Computer Repair and Network Support Services

Gary Helm
Technical Services Specialist
204 Hickory Oak Hollow
Cumming, GA 30040
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
770-744-2084 Email Gary at GaryHelm.Net

Voted Best in Forsyth County

Remote Support

Gary provides online remote support as well as curb side and on site services.

Safe, Secure and Easy Technical Support when you need it without monthly service fees.
Call me, I will be glad to help.

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Voted Best of Forsyth County

Computer Services

Voted 'Best of Forsyth County' 2018-2021
  • Computer Repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Windows 10 Repair
  • Slow Computer Tuneup
  • Old to New Computer Migration
  • Virus Removal
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Network Support

Voted 'Best of Forsyth County' 2018-2021
  • Home/Office, WiFi, LAN, Cloud
  • Internet Security
  • Router Configuration
  • Cat-5e/6 Connections
  • Email Server Support
  • Web Design and Development
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Data Support

Data Services

Data services are more than getting files back
  • "Lost File" Recovery
  • File Transfer
  • Backup Systems
  • Data Recovery
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Covid-19 Response

"Certain critical infrastructure industries have a special responsibility in these times to continue operations."

As an Essential Service Provider, I am following the guidelines set forth by the CISA, CDC, federal, state and local advisories in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including but not limited to:

  • Appointments are available
  • Providing remote online support, repairs and services
  • Curbside Drop off and Pick up if remote access is not possible
  • Limited on-site services as the option of last resort and necessity*
  • Practicing social distance guidelines
  • Sanitizing surfaces
  • Practicing personal hygiene including use of mask and frequent washing hands

* I continue monitoring and being aware of new developments and adjust proceedures and practices accordingly.

Covid-19 Deferred Payment Options

If your financial situation has been affected by the Covid-19 closures, I want to work with you until things get better.

On an as need basis, I am offering deferred payment options in order to get your computer or Internet problems solved.

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Old to New PC Migration

Transfer everything* from your old computer to your new computer.

You don't have to loose anything when you get a new computer.

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Tech Scams

IT Support

On a regular basis I receive phone calls from clients saying they have received a phone call from someone claiming the clients computer is having a problem.

With no exception these phone calls are scams.

  • How do you know if a tech support phone call is a scam?
  • What should you do when you get a tech support phone call?
  • And, if you let the tech support caller look at your computer, what should you do?

The Federal Trade Commission has an excelent article describing Tech Support Scams, and what to do when you get one. Visit and read the FTC's article at or click on the link on Tech Support Scams

Professional scammers are very good at getting your money. But scammers have been using the same basic script for decades, and they are easy to spot. When I hear a person say they or someone "received a phone call", I know the person has been dealing with a scammer and from that point I can describe the conversation, what the so-called tech support person did, and how much they said it would cost.

One of my clients called and explained, his wife had "received a phone call."
He wanted to know if the phone call was legitimate.

He did not need to say anything other than "received a phone call" for me to know it was a scam.
Legitimate companies WILL NOT call you, unless they are a "managed service provider" (MSP) that you pay to to manage and monitor your system for you.

Another form of tech support scam comes in the form of a popup on your computer screen, or may cover the entire screen.
The warning will tell you there is a problem with your computer but instead of calling you, you will be instructed to call a phone number to receive tech support.

Yes, this is another type of scam.
Do Not call the number! If they installed this malware on your computer, you do not want to call them to provide tech support.

Call a reputatable tech support (such as myself) to check your computer, and as needed clean malware from your computer.

Sometimes correcting this problem is a simple matter of cleaning the web browser. At other times this scam may also be a sign of additional malware is installed and hiding in your computer.

There are legitimate uses of remote access, and remote monitoring of computers. Just be sure who you are dealing with.

Best wishes and safe surfing, Gary.

Remote Office Services

Gary Helm

With CORONA-19 "shelter in place" many are looking for remote solutions to continue working from home.
There are many options, a few are listed below. I do not recommend any one particular service but offer these for your own review.
I do not receive any financial benefit from the links below, except RemotePC. This list is offered merely as a list of services you may be interested in.

Advertisement RemotePC

Remote Computer Access

RemotePC by iDrive offers a variety of remote services beginning with home and office version for 22.12 for the first year.

Zoho offers a variety of remote and cloud services, including a suite of services named Remotely. Remotely is free until July 1, 2020 "by which time we hope the Coronavirus crisis tides over."

Splashtop offers a variety of remote and cloud services including a 7 day free trial. Solo 2 computer access begins at $5/mo.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop is free. "Access your computer from your phone, tablet, or another computer".
Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Utilities is a corporate infrastructure system that integrates with Active Directory. As such it is designed for corporate use.
Remote Utilities

There are a variety of VNC type products so I have this link going to a wikipedia article. There are some good uses of these, but be sure to read about VNC security weaknesses.

ConnectWise is primarily designed as a service for IT Professionals providing support to users.

Video Conferencing

Zoho offers a variety of remote and cloud services, including a suite of services named Remotely. Remotely is free until July 1, 2020 "by which time we hope the Coronavirus crisis tides over."

Zoom offers a free version of its services, and additional services for fee.

(Microsoft) Skype provides phone computer to computer and web Conferencing services for up to 50 people for free. Additional services can also be purchased.

Webex provides a free video and collaboration service with up to 100 participants, as well as other services and features for a fee.
Cisco Webex


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