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How To UNLOCK "Lock My PC".

One of my clients recently fell victim to a scammer.
Midway through the scam my client realized it was a scam.
The client instantly ended the coversation with the scammer, and the scammer retaliated by locking my clients computer using "Lock My PC."

Lock My PC

"Lock My PC" is a legitimate software with versions dating back to 1998.

It is not a virus, so Antivirus software will not block it.

The company that originally made the software, FSPro no longer provides free downloads of the software.
However, there are a lot of places on the Internet where it can be downloaded for free.

The software is being used by scammers for illegal purposes.

FSPro is aware scammers are using "Lock My PC", and they provide information "How to" UNLOCK "Lock My PC."

You can find information on "How to" unlock "Lock My PC" at FSProLabs Lock My PC scam issue

I used an alternative method of removing "Lock My PC."

Instead of just unlocking "Lock My PC" I used an alternative method of getting rid of "Lock My PC."
I booted the computer using a USB that gave me access to the computer hard drive.
I then navigated to the program and changed the name of the folder containing the program.

I could have deleted the folder, but I wanted to look deeper into what the had hacker done.

I rebooted the computer and "Lock My PC" could no longer be accessed. The computer was not locked.

This gave me more access to what else may be going on in the computer.

The Cleanup after Unlocking "Lock My PC"

I did not connect the computer to the Internet, so the hacker could not access the computer.
I was able to find the hacker had covered some of his "tracks". He had hidden what they used to remote into the computer.
There was nothing in the downloads and it did not appear anything was installed. But there was an active "remote service" trying to reach the Internet.
That service told me what the scammer used to remote into the computer so I could remove the remote service and "Lock My PC".

A few final steps cleaning the temporary files, registry and scanning the computer to remove any additional files left by the scammer completed the cleanup.

I hope you have found this information helpful and will read some of the other articles in my Blog and Tools.
I hope you return often to read new articles and information I post.
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