Gary Helm

Privacy Statement

Commitment to Privacy

Like yourself I am concerned about and take security and privacy very seriously. I do not share, sell or otherwise use any personnal information gathered by you visiting this website, apart from providing services as requested.

Scope of this Privacy Statement

This statement is general in nature and is intended to provide a general sense of my intention to secure and maintain privacy of any personnal information.

Information Collected and How it is Collected

I do not collect personal information except information necessary to provide services requested, and or information provided voluntarily in the course of providing those services.
If you call or text me my phone does automatically identify the phone number you call or text from.
If you email me the email address is identified in the "from".
If you receive remote support services the form requests "name" but any name will do... I often recommend a person can even use "billy bob george".

How Information is Used

Information is used to provide services requested.

How Information is Shared

Information is not shared.

Contact Information

Gary Helm
email gary at garyhelm dot net

(Revised September 8, 2018)