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Links on this page are to some of my favorite websites with useful and helpful tools and software.
I have used most of this software for years and I highly recommend them. The links will go to the developer's website where you can learn more about, download, install and try the software for free.
Also at the botton of the page are some links to articles and information on my website.

Office Productivity software

LibreOffice word processing), spreadsheets, presentations, vector graphics and flowcharts, databases, and formula editing

Open Office
Apache OpenOffice - Open source Office Suite: Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Graphics and Database

Calligra - office: Word Processing, Spreadsheets, graphics and project management

Scribus - Desktop Publishing: Write your own Magazines, Books, Manuals, Brochures and more

Mozilla Thunderbird - Email Management Application (additional add-ons available).

Portable Apps - Create USB Drive with wide assortment of Portable Apps to carry some of your favorite software and files with you to use on other computers.

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader - Adobe PDF Reader

7-Zip - Zip file software

Adobe Flash
Adobe Flash - Adobe Flash

Graphics and Design Software

DIA - Create Diagrams and Flow Charts

Inkscape - Vector Graphics similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand or Xara X

GIMP - Image Manipulation Program

Blender - 3D creation suite.

Swatchbooker - Color Palettes

VLC Media Player - Media Player, Plays Music, Videos, most multimedia and streaming

OpenLP - Worship Presentation software with Android and Apple apps for remote control

Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox - Web Browser

Google Chrome - Web Browser

Technology Information Websites

GigaLaw- Information about legal issues and technology - Description

CIO- Chief Information Officer magazine - Management of Technology

CSO- Chief Security Officer magazine - Technology Security Management

SANS- Security Training

SANS Reading Room- Security Articles and Information

SANS Reading Room Incident Handling - Security Articles and Information

CERT- Cybersecurity Information

US-Cert- National Cyber Awareness System

NIST- National Institute of Standards and Technology

Information about Network Connections

Internet Traffic Report - This website monitors how well the Internet around the world is working (or not).

Internet Speed Test - (MegaPath) - Test what speed your Internet connection is working at

Highway Traffic Cameras

Trafficland- Traffic Cameras on major highways. Want to know road and traffic conditions without "driving out there"? Find highway cameras in many states around the county.

Technical Support Apps

CCleaner - Multipurpose Cleaner

Defragler - Hard Drive Defragmenter

Recuva - Simple Data Recovery Software

Autopsy - Sleuthkit - Computer Forensic Software (advanced users)

Hijack This
Hijack This - Caution there are corrupt versions/copies of this on the internet

FileZilla - FTP Server and Client

Notepad++ - Multipurpose with a variety of "programming" languages text editor

NMap - a utility for network discovery and security auditing

Spiceworks - Help Desk and other IT Professional Software

Teamviewer - Do you need to access your computer at work from home, or home from work?

Virtual Box - Virtualization Platform by Oracle

VMWare - variety of vitualization and collaboration platform services

MySQL Oracle MySQL Database

Website Design and Content Management Systems

Drupal - Web Development Server

Joomla - Web Development Server

Wordpress - Web Development Server

Open CMS Web Development CMS

BlueGriffon - Open source WYSIWYG Web Editor

Linux Operating Systems

Linux - Operating Systems

Linux Ubuntu - Operating System

OpenSUSE - Operating System

Centos - Operating System

Debian - Operating System

Linux Mint
Linux Mint - Operating System

Other Opensource Information

Opensource Initiative -"Open Source" software is software developed by and for the user community.

SourceForge - a source for Open Source apps

Gramps - Genealogy Software

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