Web Design

Building a Successful Website

In the best of all worlds there needs to be a balance of both design and development. Many companies focus on Web Design and not enough on Web Development. They focus on "looking good", but forget about looking beyond the appearance to what is going to work well on the Internet.

Yes, I do both design and development, and while this article is not intended as the ultimate answer to everything you need to know about websites, I do hope you will find a wealth of information about building a successful website.

There are three questions to keep in mind when building a website:

  • 1. Can people find your website?
  • 2. Is your website "sticky"?
  • 3. What is the response from your website?

All other things "to do" and "not do" tend to relate to these three questions.

In the next three articles I will expand on those three questions and what you need to consider before you build your website.