WiFi 6

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Gary Helm

WiFi 6 is a new marketting term to introduce a new version or "generation" of Wi-Fi capabilities in routers and receivers (phone, table, computer/laptop).

The new marketting term is also being applied to previous Wi-Fi technologies:

  • 802.11b is Wi-Fi 1;
  • 802.11a is Wi-Fi 2;
  • 802.11g is Wi-Fi 3;
  • 802.11n is Wi-Fi 4;
  • 802.11ac is Wi-Fi 5; and
  • 802.11ax is Wi-Fi 6.

Typically each successive generation of hardware has had backward compatibility with the previous generations, so you don't have to run out and buy everything new to have internet access over Wi-Fi. But to benefit from the newest Wi-Fi technology both the router and receiver will have to compatible with the latest and greatest version.

Wi-Fi 6 is scheduled to be available in late 2019, but don't expect it to instantly make your current hardware obsolete. It will take years for providers and users to change hardware to take advantage of the new technology.

However, if you will be looking for a new Wi-Fi router in the near future you will want to consider waiting for and considering the new Wi-Fi 6.

What does Wi-Fi 6 offer that previous versions do not?

Wi-Fi 6 will be faster - of course if you are running a latop or phone with Wi-Fi 5 technology, the best you can get is Wi-Fi 5; or if you have a tablet or phone with Wi-Fi 6 capability but the router is Wi-Fi 1, the best you are going to get is Wi-Fi 1.

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