Genealogy Research

I am often ask if I have seen various websites with information.
Yes, but for the most part I have not used them.

My parents did research for over thirty years, the "Old Fashion" way. Traveling through many states, gathering information written during the time people lived. Their task was a laborious, time consuming, and expensive. And they loved doing it.

I have been doing research for over twenty years, adding to their research. I have spent long hours in Libraries, reading old documents and microfilm, and other archieve materials.

When I go on the internet and visit various websites I find lots of poorly researched and incorrect information.
Remember, just because it's on the internet does not mean it is true.

Computerization of records on the internet have been both a blessing and a curse. Many old records are available on the Internet. State archives, court documents, census records and the like are easily searchable online. And then there are the numerous family trees posted by individuals where people can easily find the names of their ancestors.

I hope you enjoy your research as much as I have enjoyed mine - and as much as my parents who did it the hard way - at times proving and at times disproving the myths and legends as we journey into the real history of our ancestors.