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What is a Cookie

A cookie is a small text file containing information that a website transfers to your computer's hard drive.
The cookies used on this website do not gather, store or include any personal information, and are set with automatic expiration dates.

What are the Type and Purpose of Cookies on this website

1. This website uses cookies to document we in fact provide you with an option of opt-in or opt-out of our cookie policy as required by privacy laws.
For your privacy websites are required by law to document (track) we provided you with an option to opt-in opt-out of our cookie policy. We are also required to inform you about the type of cookies we use, the personally identifiable information gathered, and how we use information gathered.

Requirements in the EU
If you reside in a country of the EU we are required to inform and provide you with the option to opt-in to the use of cookies and document (track) if you did or did not opt-in.
Services through this website are not marketed to and have not been provided to persons residing in countries of the EU. However in theory this website can be viewed by persons residing in countries of the EU.

Requirements in the US
If you reside in California or access the internet in California we are required, for your privacy, to document you have been informed we use cookies.
Services are not marketed to residence of California, however we have had clients visit California and request services. In theory this website can be viewed by persons residing in California.

2. This website uses cookies including third-party cookies to ensure your best experience on this website. No personal information is gathered or stored by this website.
This website uses third-party (affiliate) cookies to provide goods and services over the Internet. These third-party cookies verify if you have seen an affiliate ad, if you clicked on the ad, and if you purchased an item through this website.
Third-party cookies also used to provide features on this website such as: to provide you with secure remote support sessions, Google search, map and calendar features, and if you opt to pay for services through PayPal uses links from this website so payments initiated by you go to my account.

How to Opt-out

If you choose to not allow cookies the best method is to set your web browser(s) accordingly. Depending on which browser you use differs on how to change setting to not allow cookies.