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What is the response from your website?

Ready: You need to make your website easy for people to find, for search engines to find and place your website in the search results where people can find you (ready).

Aim: You need to make your website sticky to gain people's interest and get them to stick around a while (aim).

Fire: And now you need to ask people to respond, to contact you or do whatever it is you want your website for (fire).

"Ready, Aim, Fire" - ask people to respond.

This is where you really need to understand what you want to accomplish; this is a time when you can think outside the box, and anticipate not only what your website visitor wants to accomplish but also what you want from them.

You want people to contact you. Do you have an physical address? Do you have a phone number? Do you have an email address, and does the email address have the same extension as your website, or is it a free email service? These are ways for people to contact you.

Is there some way you can get people to interact with you, online in real-time? or over time? Do you have a contact form, or chat support? Do you have surveys, or a discussion forum for visitors to take part in? You want people to do something while they are on your website, you want them to participate. Give them the opportunity of doing so.

Do you sell products? If so, do you have a reputable and secure shopping cart?

People are concerned with how you use their information. Is their personal information secure? Let people know how you use, and don't use their information.

The response from your website is where you finish the sale, where you get the client to contact you, or decide to do business with you. But finishing the sale is not the end of the transaction. Now you need to let the person know you have heard them, that you have received their request, and you let them know you are responding to their need.

If you ship products to a customer, do you let them know their order has been received, shipped and follow up after their purchase has arrived to evaluate their satisfaction? Does your customer's response offer you an opportunity to create an ongoing relationship such as notifying them of specials they might be interested in.

Websites and emails can be made to automatically respond to people's request or orders. Let your website do some of the work for you, and then follow up with the person to make certain their needs have been met.

If you are looking for a new website, or technical support, I hope you will contact me. I will be glad to help.

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