Microsoft Windows 11

Setup Without a Microsoft Account

Bypass the Microsoft Account during initial setup

You may have heard Windows 11 requires using a Microsoft account to turn on your computer the first time.
This simply, is not true.

There are benefits and drawbacks to using either a Local account, or a Microsoft account to turn your computer on.
Not having to go through Microsoft if I forget my password is one benefit of using a Local account.
With a Local account, if I forget my password I can more easily reset my password (or use no password at all). Of course, that may or may not be as secure as allowing Microsoft to manage your password. But it is a personal choice.

As in Windows 10, you simply need to know "how to" bypass having a Microsoft account.

When you first start your new Windows 11 computer you will be ask to connect to the Internet.
It appears, this step verifies you have an authentic Windows 11 operating system, and does an initial check for updates.
Then you will be ask to restart your computer.
While restarting the computer, disconnect it from the internet.

The next time you start your computer you will be given the option of not connecting to the internet, and continue setting up your computer without a Microsoft account.

Once you have completed the setup you can now connect to the internet and your computer will work with a "local account", not one dependent on a Microsoft account.

If you have already setup your computer with a Microsoft account, you can still create a Local account and use that to log into your computer, and bypass using the Microsoft account.

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