Remote Computer Repair Service

No need to wait

Online repair services are rapid, convenient, and secure.
If you can get on the internet you are in my online remote service area.

Contact Gary for Your Unique Session ID

Make payments for services through PayPal

Here is how my Remote Service works:

  • You are in control
  • You can show or tell me exactly what the problem is.
  • You can watch, or collaborate in everything being done.
  • You can end the session at anytime by clicking the "End Session" button.
  • Contact me to receive your unique session key and instructions to log in.
    The session key is used only one time; when the session ends the session key cannot be used again.
  • You can pay for services through PayPal after the work is complete.

I also provide Managed Services

  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is Proactive. In many instances Remote Monitoring and Management is able to locate and correct problems before you know there is a problem.
    If there is a problem that can't be corrected remotely, we will schedule a visit to your location and take care of the problem for you.
  • General Technology Management is less proactive. You may want a periodic visit, either remote or on-site to check your systems and make any minor adjustments to keep things running as smoothly as possible.
  • Vendor Management Services is work done on your behalf with other technology providers. We take the confusion out of not knowing what they talking about. Information Technology Outfitters understands what they are talking about. If needed we know how to explain things so you can understand, and we can tell the vendor what you want so they understand. Or, we can take care of things that simply need taken care of.

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