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Gary Helm
Technical Services Specialist
204 Hickory Oak Hollow
Cumming, GA 30040 USA

Telephone (770)744-2084

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Information Technology Outfitters

Manages the Business of Technology so you can manage your business.

Gary's first experience with computers was in 1976 taking Fortran computer programming during college. Programs were hand-written. Then punch cards machines were used to write the program onto punch cards for the computer to read.
Gary's first experience using remote access to a computer came later that year when the university installed remote terminals.

Fast forward to 1998, Gary started Information Technology Outfitters to provide web site services for churches and religious organizations, and being a life-long learner Gary completed a Graduate Certificate in E-Commerce Business in 2001.

In 2002, Gary accepted a full-time position with an international non-profit organization as their as Computer Services Specialist and Webmaster and worked for them in various other capacities as Network Administrator, Technical Services Specialist, Technical Services Manager until 2013.

Since 2013 Gary expanded the scope of Information Technology Outfitters and has worked as a freelance consultant and technical services specialist.

That brings us to Information Technology Outfitters today:

Information Technology Outfitters provides consulting and technical support services for small businesses and home users.
Realizing no one can be an expert at everything, and drawing upon Gary's 18+ years of experience, Information Technology Outfitters is also a value added reseller of services and products through strategic partnerships with other providers.

Information Technology Outfitters manages the buisiness of technology so you can manage your buiness.

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